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JULY 2021

The following review, as seen on theKnot and provided by Sydney, whose reception Mirage played in July, is another example of a VERY happy bride! Mirage provided music for the cocktail hour, dinner music followed by dance music the rest of the evening. It was a fun evening for all.

Mirage is the best wedding band in St. Louis! They were so easy to work with, very thorough, and always accommodating. They were the highlight of our reception. They got everyone out on the dance floor and they stayed on the dance floor the entire night.
So many of our guests commented on how they were the best wedding band they have ever heard. Our guests loved the live music and the talented musicians. I can not recommend Mirage enough! They were absolutely spectacular and everything I could’ve hoped for in a wedding band.

Sydney R.

JUNE 2021

This review, as seen on theKnot, was provided by Jennifer whose reception Mirage played in June. Knowing the cost of a wedding and reception can be an expensive endeavor, over the years, Mirage has tried to keep their pricing reasonable, even as a larger band with 8 pieces. It’s nice to hear that Jennifer believes Mirage is ‘really affordable’. Thank you Jennifer for the great review.

Mirage was a great band! We thought they were really affordable and provided great entertainment all night long, making our wedding reception more fun than we ever could have imagined. They are very responsive and met every request we asked for. We highly recommend!

JUNE 2021

Below is a review we received from Sherry (mother of the bride, Holly) for her daughter’s reception Mirage performed for in June. I’d say, Sherry is a happy Mom. 🙂

Our guests can not stop Raving about Mirage and the Fabulous experience that they had at our daughter’s wedding reception!! The music was perfect, they sounded amazing, they made every detail very personal and they felt like they were family! The dinner music was just the right volume so people could talk, they cued every part of the evening according to the schedule they helped us determine, they made everything run smoothly and created the Best atmosphere and energy for our celebration!!
The BEST DECISION OF ALL in our wedding planning BY FAR!!


JUNE 2021

The following is a review that can be found on WeddingWire and TheKnot posted by a wonderful couple who Mirage had the honor of playing their reception in early June.


I can’t say enough about Mirage Entertainment. They were fantastic for our wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better band or music. All night guests were telling us how great they are and we couldn’t agree more. Definitely would recommend them to any newly engaged couple.

Thanks so much!

Meghan and Nate.

MAY 2021

After what seemed like eternity during the pandemic, Mirage is back to playing engagements once again. The note below is from Amber, who’s wedding we played in early May, outside. With the unpredictable weather that IS St. Louis, it was a bit chilly as the night progressed, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those in attendance.

Thank you so much! All of our guests raved about you! We would highly recommend Mirage over and over! Thanks for weathering the cold with us! We had an awesome day!

Amber and Eric

MAY 2021

The following email we received from Jen Papin, a wonderfully talented Wedding Planner with whom Mirage had the pleasure of working with the Moen reception on May 28th, 2021. Thank you Jen for sharing your thoughts. We hope to see you again soon!

Thank you so much for going above and beyond to provide the entertainment and MC’ing at the wedding reception this past weekend. The music was fabulous, the crowd loved every minute of Mirage and you were extremely easy to work with.

It’s rare to find a band as skilled and as professional as all of you were, and I am grateful for everything that you all did to make the reception as wonderful and fun as it was.

Thanks again,

Jen Papin


As Mirage recently won two leading industry awards, the following was posted on the band’s FB page congratulating the band. How wonderful that even after five years, people are still talking about Lexi’s wedding and Mirage.

Well deserved! We got married almost 5 years ago and people are still talking about how awesome you guys were!

October 2020

This review (as seen on WeddingWire) was sent even before Mirage performs at Claire’s reception. Besides providing incredible performances, we also pride ourselves in walking the planning journey with each bride and groom to whatever extent is needed.

Stress free wedding experience!
What really set Mirage apart from the other bands was their communication, flexibility, and kindness. They are willing to travel out of state during a pandemic and deal with a unique schedule without any hesitation. The band invited me to a showcase at one of the members homes to be able to hear them live prior to booking and it was amazing! All of the members were very friendly and as soon as I heard them play “September” I was sold! About a month later COVID hit, and the stress of planning a wedding multiplied X100. Thankfully, Mirage stayed in communication with me and never caused me any stress during this crazy time. I am
so glad that we booked Mirage for our upcoming wedding and can not wait to have them be apart of our big day!

Claire U.

September/October 2020

While navigating the unsettling times known as Covid, the review below provided by Laura, illustrates how rapidly plans may change. We worked with Laura through countless conversations and offered our best advice and when all was said and done, it was a wonderful evening; the proof is captured below in Laura’s thoughts.

At one point in time in the early summer, my fiancé and I considered cancelling our big wedding in St. Louis and trying to put together a destination wedding in Florida for just our family.  We talked with each of our vendors to gain their perspective of what our reception would look like if we were to continue with our original plans.  Of the numerous vendors that we had booked (and they were all very helpful), Mirage Entertainment provided the most insight and help with talking through the change in plans going forward.  Once our minds were made up, we didn’t look back and thank goodness for that, it was a wonderful evening.

We even threw the band a curveball (notice the baseball reference as we are both HUGE Cards’ fans) and asked them to learn a different first dance song three weeks before our wedding day.  I was told, “don’t worry about it, we got this.”  And they sure did! (Virtual hug to all members of Mirage!)

We often joked that it would be hard to social distance at our reception as our family and friends LOVE to dance!  It did help a bit as we unfortunately could not have all the guests that had planned to attend, but they understood……thank you dear friends!  After dinner, it was three hours of nonstop dancing, which is exactly what we wanted.

I could go on, but by now, I think you get the idea that we were overwhelmingly ecstatic with Mirage, not only their performance, but for being by our side through the ‘nerve racking’ times. We are already talking about holding a one-year anniversary party next year and invite EVERYONE from our original guest list.  And you can bet, Mirage will be part of that fun.


September 2020

Interestingly, Katie is in the hospitality business, she knows what it takes to plan large events and exceed a client’s expectations. From her review below (as seen on WeddingWire and TheKnot), I’d say Mirage fulfilled our goal of exceeding Katie’s expectations, it’s quite the stellar review!

The BEST wedding band EVER
Truly, choosing Mirage for our wedding band was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. From the very beginning they were so easy to work with, relaxed and so professional. It made the planning stress-free and fun! We didn’t follow a typical timeline; not only were happy to accommodate they didn’t miss a beat on the day of the event! They learned several songs just for us including our first dance song (a specific version too which was soo special) and also a special song to surprise my in-laws who were celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary the exact same day. It was such a special memory, thanks to Mirage. Once the formal dances were finished, they got right to work and truly got EVERYONE up and dancing! Our photographer ended up staying late just to capture it!! They truly made our day so special and memorable. People still talk about our wedding day, and remember it as one fun party – this is huge in part to Mirage. Thank you guys again – you all know how to party!

Katie B.

August 2020

Some brides write short and to the point reviews, as the one below from Lauren. Mirage has played a few of Lauren’s friends’ receptions and that is how she became familiar with the band. Like her friend’s receptions, it was quite the party in southern Illinois.

Excellent band! Very professional. Loved that they took care of the emcee duties as well. Very entertaining. We received many compliments for our band choice.


July 2020

Amazing used twice in the same sentence best captures what Tori thought of Mirage’s performance at her reception in July. While she mentions Lou and Darren, it’s truly a ‘team’ effort and performance that has allowed Mirage to be one of the top private events band in St. Louis for 25+ years.

Amazing experience and amazing band!
One word describes this band……. WOW! Given the set of circumstances we were faced with altering our wedding plans due to the pandemic, Darren and Lou went above and beyond to help guide us through something we never envisioned being faced with. While our guest list was essentially cut in half, that didn’t stop us from having the times of our lives. Hands down, Mirage was the highlight of our evening.


December 2019

A Mirage review provided by Clare from her late fall wedding reception. Clare’s father had requested a special Irish song for their first dance, “My Lovely Rose of Clare” to which we were happy to learn and perform. That made the father/daughter dance even more special. Thank you Clare for your review of Mirage.

Best Band Ever

I highly recommend the mirage band. They worked with us and learned all the songs we asked. The dance floor was packed all night.


November 2019

Ali provided this outstanding review (as seen on the Knot) of Mirage after we recently played her reception. ‘Love the fact that the venue had to expand the dance floor to accommodate the large dancing crowd.

“Mirage was amazing at our wedding! The dance floor was packed the entire night! We even had to remove extra tables to make it even bigger. They also catered to our crowd and played faster songs when the group wasn’t feeling slow songs. I can’t thank them enough for an amazing night! They even allow you to create playlists in their iPods for during their breaks! They were the best band to work with and absolutely perfect for our wedding! I would recommend Mirage for all, especially those looking for a good party!”

October 2019

Mirage recently played Courtney’s reception and it was quite the party. As you’ll note below, we even had a guest harmonica player (Courtney’s Uncle) sit in with the band. We’ve had guest singers, drummers, guitar players, but I believe the harmonica was a first. We were happy to oblige her request. This review can also be seen on WeddingWire along with numerous others.

Kept the party going!

The Mirage band was so great to work with. They responded quickly and professionally to all of our questions. Our dance floor was literally packed to the point where our guests were dancing on the carpet surrounding the dance floor all the way until the party was over at 11. They played a good mix of older and newer music that kept all ages dancing. They were very accommodating to what we wanted as a couple, including letting my husband’s uncle play the harmonica with them for one song. We would highly recommend the Mirage to any couple who wants their wedding to be a fun experience for their guests!


October 2019

Only one day after her wedding reception which Mirage played, we received the following email from Claire. Notice the comment about her Dad – who, back in the 90s, played in a band himself, so we asked him to come up and play a few songs with the band. Interestingly, a few former band members were at the reception as well, so they joined in. As you can tell, that really made Claire happy! A happy and satisfied bride is ALWAYS the goal of Mirage.

Hello Mirage!

Oh my goodness, Saturday was truly the greatest day of our lives. It was absolutely beautiful in every way possible, and you guys sounded incredible!!!

We received so many compliments about you guys. Man, what a BLAST! I am so happy it was as much fun for you all!

My dad did had a blast as well. It has been a dream of mine since I was very little to have him play a few songs at my wedding, such a gift to see this come to fruition! Thank you for this opportunity. Wow, SO MUCH FUN!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Thanks again for making everyone feel so good and have so much fun on Saturday night. You guys rock!!!!


September 2019

Mirage recently played Liz’s wedding reception and from the comments noted below (also can be seen on TheKnot), I’d say she was pleased with the outcome. Thank you Liz.

Mirage was AMAZING! They were great with communication and planning prior to the reception. They were on time the day of, even a little early! The music was phenomenal. Everyone was a dancing fool and I got so many compliments on my choice of band. They had played two songs by my request that they were more than happy to learn for us and freaking knocked it out of the park. I highly recommend Mirage for any of your party entertainment needs.

Liz T.

July 2019

The Mirage inbox has been very busy lately. Below is another wonderful review that can be seen on TheKnot.

My husband and I are so happy we picked Mirage for the entertainment at our wedding reception! Guests of all ages were on the dance floor all night long! They played a variety of music that always got the crowd going! Mirage was timely in all of their responses which made the planning go very smooth. I also received a lot of good feedback from my guests about how much they enjoyed Mirage! Would 10/10 recommend Mirage Entertainment for anyone who is planning an event such as a wedding reception!

Natalie W.

June 2019

Mirage traveled to Cape Girardeau, MO. to play Taylor’s wedding reception at The Rusted Route Farms – a beautiful and unique venue tucked away in southeast MO. At the end of the evening, the Mother of the bride said, “be ready to play our other daughter’s reception in about two years.” I’m guess Mom was happy. 🙂

The bride’s review below can be seen on WeddingWire.

Mirage was wonderful to work with. Darren responded quickly to my questions, and we talked about my preferences for the reception. They give you a timeline that helps to streamline everything. They are also capable of doing requests. During my reception, the party was FUN and EVERYONE danced… even my 86-y/o grandmother! Certainly recommend them.

Taylor B.

June 2019

This glowing review posted by Carolyn, a June bride, can be seen on WeddingWire. Notice she mentions the many aspects of the band she considered, responsiveness, flexibility, the many options the band offers. This is why Mirage Entertainment is viewed as a one stop shop for a bridal couple’s wedding day needs.

I attended a wedding that Mirage played at and had so much fun that I asked the couple for the band’s contact information to book them for my own wedding. They were extremely responsive, flexible and friendly during the planning stages of the wedding. They learned a song for our first dance and took requests for some of our other favorite songs. The night of the wedding they were so professional, listened to our guests requests and made it such a fun evening. You can really tell they enjoy what they do! We got so many compliments on our wedding music. You can’t beat this 8-piece band for the price they offer. They even offer ceremony and cocktail hour music! I highly recommend Mirage!

Carolyn M.

June 2019

A very nice thank you note received from a Mother of a June bride:

Thank you for a great night of music, so many people on the dance floor all evening. Everyone agreed, the band was great!

Diane H.